Legal Notice


Alternate Dispute Resolution is the alternative to going to court. ADR is less costly and allows for an early resolution in comparison to the traditional judicial process. Mediation seeks to arrive at settlements which reflect the wishes and compromises of the parties while Arbitration is a more formal process.

BUIE COHEN LLP, offers a well-designed comfortable environment in which to engage in either Mediation or Arbitration. Our mediators having received their formal training in the 1990's have over 20 years' experience and include a retired deputy judge.

At BUIE COHEN LLP we believe that an interweaving of "needs based mediation", but always within the legal process is highly effective. It is imperative to understand and explore the history of the conflict, to identify the issues, to understand the feelings of the parties, all of which often cannot be recognised by the court process. However any solution which will be acceptable to all of the parties must be grounded in a strong legal foundation.


Not all disputes will benefit from the ADR process. However, in our experience the following areas are well served by this process as opposed to the formal court process: