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What We Do:



Deciding on who should be the guardian of your children, where your children should reside, resolving conflicts if your children's wishes diverge from the appointed guardian.

Who do you wish to appoint to manage your financial affairs if you are no longer able to do so? What directions and controls, if any, do you choose to exercise over the individual who acts on your behalf?

Under what circumstances would you prefer to receive or not to receive further medical care? Who should be appointed to make medical decisions on your behalf when you can no longer do so?

How to divide your assets between members of your family, which may include a second spouse and stepchildren or grandchildren.

These decisions and others require a melding of the law and your family's own unique interpersonal dynamics. Our aim at BUIE COHEN LLP is to preserve the family structure and to avoid discord between family members by understanding you and your individual family.


As an Executor/Trustee you have accepted a great responsibility. There is the need to address the concerns of the beneficiaries whilst executing the directions of the Will with the utmost integrity and care. What may seem to be an overwhelming task is a navigable process where BUIE COHEN LLP acting as your estate solicitor will guide you through this process.